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PLEASE NOTE: Your credit card will be charged immediately for services rendered.  You agree, if for any reason you dispute any charges with your credit card company, and your account is sent to collection, you will pay the costs of collection. A 1.5%, per month, service charge will be assessed for all payments not made immediately.
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There will be a charge for the visit even if we are unable to complete the repair because parts need to be ordered.  You do not receive a new warranty for your system if we make a repair to it.  If any parts are replaced under the manufactuer's warranty, you will still be responsible for labor and/or shipping charges. Please note that we charge for travel time one way.  Gas surcharge will also be applied.  Our hourly rates are $165.00 per hour. We also will require a $300.00 deposit if we have not done any work for you for the past 1 year.  Please also be aware that we charge $250.00 to lift and replace motor end stones that are over 4' long x 2' wide x 2" thick for service, provided they are not cemented in place. 

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